Discover the world of Love Home Fabrics. 

Love Home Fabrics is always ahead of the curve. We are a leader within the interior textiles market thanks to our clear vision of the future. 

We are unique by forming a real family existing of 2300 members. Yarn is needed to create a beautiful fabric. With Love Home Fabrics, every family member is needed to create a wonderfull story. Our imagination knows no limits. Because of this, we deliver endless opportunities. We all strive to one goal, to Love Home Fabrics. 

Our combined strengths, knowledge and craftmanship determine our path that leads to perfection. We’re proud of our accomplishments, our premium quality and unparalleled beauty. Respecting and preserving nature for the next generations is one of our most important goals. We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, but borrow it from our children.

Love Home Fabrics is the reference in your interior. From your bedroom to the bathroom, from your living space to the kitchen. We are everywhere. Our fabrics love you. Our fabrics embrace you. Our fabrics support you. Our fabrics complete your home. We make you a promise of luxury and comfort. 

Love Home Fabrics was established in 2017 and has hubs in Belgium, the USA, India, and China. Together with the dozens of agents we work with across the world, we are close to you at every waking hour, wherever you live.

Love Home Fabrics